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We use the latest satellite and VSAT communication technologies for data, voice and video transmission. 
The network allows instant, reliable, cost-effective and secure communication anywhere in the region
Combining an unmatched level of service with globally-tested networking technologies from world leaders in telecommunications like ND Satcom and Intelsat, Inteltec is a major player in the revolution of corporate information management in the region.
Inteltec is a VSAT service provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under license received from the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC). 
We provide end-to-end managed digital network services and data center services under the brand name Skyband.
Inteltec VSAT services are operational on Intelsat Satellite on Ku-Band frequency. 
This allows us to offer very reliable and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Our VSAT Services are operational with a Master Earth Station (referred to as the “Hub”) located in Riyadh, the first of its kind in the Kingdom. 

Our VSAT services are ideally suited for:
* Corporate communication (voice, video, data and internet)
* Manufacturing and distribution (online connectivity for ERP)
* Banks (for ATMs, core banking, credit card authentication and disaster recovery)
* Engineering and projects (pick-and-move solutions)
* Oil and petroleum exploration (auto- tracking VSATs, connectivity at the remotest sites)
* Internet, intranet and extranet services
* Government, defense and aviation (most secure connectivity media)
* Media and Education (eLearning)
* Telemedicine
* Business continuity planning
* Village Public Telephony
* GSM/UMTS operators (both RAN and Core network Backhauling

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