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Towers Deployment

As a part of our integrated solution we conduct all the related civil work required to construct lattice towers, rooftop sites, monopoles and camouflaged towers, our activities and services:
1- Conducting technical site survey and determining the type of site structure to be installed
2- Construction of the required tower foundation which varies from dry raft to pilling
3- Construction of site boundary walls
4- Supply and installation of equipment shelter
5- Supply and installation of rooftop poles, Monopoles, lattice towers and camouflaged towers.
6- Supply and installation of grounding and lightning protection systems
7- Performing all the electrical work in conformity with the project specifications

Inteltec provides site acquisition (SA) services to telecom operators and other customers (governmental applications’ submission and follow up) as a part of its services portfolio and its experienced site acquisition team has acquired an extensive numbers of sites for its customers.
Inteltec’s site acquisition service includes the following distinct activities:
• Study the sites’ design milestones based on customer’s sites process flow, and reflecting forecasted and actual dates.
• Perform investigation in the market during and after sites’ design time to meet with customers requirements. 
• Study the project specification’s and its initial issued plan in order to start ranking the candidates plan for each site. 
• Perform all initial surveys for all candidates in order to be in conformity with the project objectives.
• Finalize lease agreements with landlords in order to obtain rooftop GSM sites.
• Obtain all required NOCs (No Objection Certificates) from the relevant services‘ departments in order to proceed with 
sites’ permitting process.
• Secure all required approvals and permits for sites’ locations from municipalities.
• Solve all problems with landlords, official authorities and any problems which may face other concerned departments.
• Create communications channels with any sensitive governmental center

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